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Fluffy shark hats for Zilla by SilverAngle
Fluffy shark hats for Zilla
Okay it's not a fluffy hat but it's something MUCH BETTER~ I tried to copy your awesome peincil sketch style, I think it went well.

Happy Birthday:iconzillabean:

*edit: had to fix the eyes...

Hershel Layton @ Nintendo + Level 5
SU- The outer gem's by SilverAngle
SU- The outer gem's
Yes, you all saw this coming I made my own Gemsona's. I tried to be a little original since all the other good gems are taken and I did some researcher with the gems I chosen. Also trying to keep their colors scheme with their original gems was REALLY HARD! I get to their stories and personalities later.

Emerald is a very shy and quiet but she's very sweet and generous. She's willing to help other even at her expense. She a healer by nature so she can't fight but she can defend to some degree with magical barriers.

Black Pearl or BP for short is very serious about her work and her skills of a fighter. She was made blind but her ability to sense gem through vibrations  in the air or ground help her in battle. Especially if those vibes are created by slamming her titanic wreaking ball in your face.

Onyx is the amalgam of Emerald and BP she has Eme's vision and BP blind eye for her third which is hidden under her hair. BP wreaking ball is morph into her hand in the shape of giant boxing gloves. She can heal and create barriers but she rather attack first and worry about defense later.

AND before you guys say anything about "Your copying Rose, Pearl and Garnet's abilities you copy cat!!" I DID MY RESEARCHER ON THESE GEMS!

Emerald is the symbol of love property and healing.
Black Pearls are symbolic in strength, allure, and control or balance.
And Onyx symbolizes BOTH Healing and Protection.
Disney Gem's by SilverAngle
Disney Gem's
A few night go I had an interesting dream which soon lead me wanting to see Ariel in Lapses clothes. Then that got me brainstorming about which Disney girl play which gem. The only gems I sure of is Vanellope as Amethyst and Ariel as Lapis. I love to hear your opinions!

Garnet- Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame
Ruby- Jasmine from Aladdin
Sapphire- Snow White

Pearl- Cinderella
Amethyst- Vanellope from Wreak it Ralph
Opal- Pocahontas

Lapis Lazuli- Ariel from The Little Mermaid

All the girls @ Disney
Steven Universe @ Cartoon network


AnaMae = Anime
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
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Update 20/24/15

Yep, that right request for commissions are CLOSED, and you know what? I don't even know why I bothered with this idea. I posted this on my Deviantart, Tumblr and on the Brony community page on Facebook and I only got ONE person interested in this...and I've been waiting TWO WEEKS for a reply!! I even sent him/her an email and no response at ALL!

Is my art really THAT BAD? Were my prices TOO HIGH? Well whoever ask for the request you are still eligible for one...if you ever reply back. Now please excuse me while I go hide in the corner for the rest of my life...

~Munnies for Maggie~

I will be doing commissions for a limited time at very reasonable prices. All proceeds will go directly to Magpie, a fellow unicorn sister and creator of Princess Trixie Sparkle both fan fiction and radio musical. Here some samples of my work and a list of the prices.

Pony sketches:
Black and white- 1.00
Simple color- 2.00
Color + Background- 3.00
Extra Ponies- 1.00

Human sketches:
Black and white: 1.50
Simple color- 2.50
Color + Background- 3.50
Extras- 1.00

I won't draw anything gory, horror, vore, R rated or NSFW for ponies.Although I will do minor gory and NSFW for humans, I can also do fan art. If you have anything specific to ask me that isn't in my listings or are interested. Please contact me on my DA at SilverAngle or my Tumblr page.

If you would just like to donate without requesting a commission please send funds to Magpie's paypal account @

Thank you for your time and support!

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