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The Nightmare before Nightmare Night by SilverAngle
The Nightmare before Nightmare Night
Those of you who saw this coming gets a cookie :cookie:

Yes, it's that time of year and although I love my English gentleman to death. My admiration and imagination goes to the one and only Pumpkin King. Four of these sketches I did at work when things were slow, try and guess which is which.

It took a while to come up with a pony name for Jack Skellington. But I feel King Lantern the Lord of the Afterlife was very catchy.  Of course he and Sally a.k.a Queen Sahara the Guardian of Time would be Alicorns, after all they ARE royalty.

And I threw in my OC ponies in they' costumes for fun. If you want to see more pony version of TNBC let me know before the end of the month!
Robin's Last Flight by SilverAngle
Robin's Last Flight
Robin William...what can I say. He was a part of my childhood; he made me smile and laugh more time than I can count. He was a talent actor on the set or just behind the scenes and I'm sure he was a wonderful father and husband too.

Personally I don't think he died, I believe he went back to Never land for good. Will miss you Robin, we all will.
MLP- Knight Sky by SilverAngle
MLP- Knight Sky
For those of you who listen to the Bride of Discord Blooper reels would know what this is about. If not at some point Inew Tellemnar; the voice of Rarity and Luna rants about a lover for Luna called Knight Sky in reel #6. So that inspired me to see what this colt would look like. I couldn't decided on one so what do you guys think?

The first version at the top is the calm and quiet type sorta like Big Mac. Someone who can relax Luna during stressful nights and cheer her up.

Armored Knight Sky is most likely the captain of the guard before becoming Luna's private guard. Very serious about his job and needs someone like Luna to shake up his life, but loves gliding under the starry sky. Also this is what the first and the second would look like if they were fused together.

Finally the Pegasus Sky is Luna's eyes and ears, easily blending into the surrounding with his black coat. Shows a lot more emotion than the first version but is very bashful around his fair princess.

All three of them have a deep love and respect for their princess of the night and were born with golden eyes to help them see in the night. They hate the sunlight because there eyes are so sensitive to it so they work at night.
Little Derpy and Doctor by SilverAngle
Little Derpy and Doctor
The saddest most adorable thing EVER! I got to catch the live stream of the second part of episode 9 and I just HAD to sketch this. Tried to give it the feel of some the official art used in the audio play and I think I did a good job.

Doctor/Time TurnerXDerpy forever<3

Time Turner and Derpy and color scheme@ Pony with Pocket's Doctor Whooves and Assistant
My Little Pony @ Hasboro
PTS- The Holo Room by SilverAngle
PTS- The Holo Room
And after careful detailing and double checking for any missing spots or unusual lines...IT IS DONE!

Hopefully I got the feel of a hologram down because that is what it's suppose to loke like. I did have some issues on that empty space in the left corner and went the easy route with the airbrush. The color was a little hard to pick at first but I think it works because anyone who has read the story or watch the mini series so far knows who's really talking here.


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